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Made in El Paso, TX!  Go U.S.A.!  


For more than 30 years, BigEye Lamps have been known for their quality, versatility and reasonable price. Perfect for crafting, hobbies, low vision, detail work, reading, inspection…you name it!  A BigEye Lamp is a MUST!


All BigEye Lamps feature the BigEye 5” distortion-free and  optical quality lens, for less eye fatigue and an extremely clear image.  Lamps are constructed with industrial strength metal and high quality parts that guaranty durability and customer satisfaction.  Our metal lamp bases are very sturdy and calibrated for maximum stability.

Tabletop Lamps

BigEye # M14: Free-Standing Magnifier.  Features the Big Eye 5” distortion-free optical quality lens on a 14” flexible arm.  Compliment any existing lighting for your custom needs.


BigEye # 010: Lamp and the BigEye 5” distortion-free optical quality lens are mounted on a single 10” flexible gooseneck arm.  Compact tabletop design is a space saver!


BigEye # 1418: Our most versatile tabletop lamp with two gooseneck arms.  Lamp is mounted on a 14” arm, and our BigEye 5” distortion-free, optical quality lens is mounted on an 18” arm.     




Floor Lamps

BigEye # 310:  Standard Floor Lamp.  Height adjusts from 22” to 44”  with easy to use clutch assembly.  Features the BigEye 5” distortion-free optical quality lens.  Save desk space and enhance every project with this single arm floor lamp.


BigEye # 518: Deluxe Floor Lamp. Height adjusts from 30” to 60” with single-hand operation.  Tall orders are not a problem!  Features the BigEye 5” distortion-free optical quality lens and lamp on a single arm.


BigEye # 3518: Two-Arm Deluxe Floor Lamp.  The lamp features the Big Eye 5” distortion-free optical quality lens mounted on a separate 18” flexible arm.  The lamp’s lighting portion is mounted on its own 18” flexible arm.  Get maximum versatility for height and workspace needs.  Height adjusts with single-hand adjustment from 30” to 60.”

BigEye Accessories

BigEye LED Bulbs Available  Big Eye has custom-made two new L.E.D. bulbs to fit any BigEye Lamp.  These bulbs give off very little heat and they’re twice as bright as incandescent bulbs emitting about 4,000 LUX at eight inches.  Each LED bulb lasts 20,000 hours and comes with a one-year warranty that covers all manufacturing defects.  Available in 3,000K (Warm White), and 4,000K (Bright White).


BigEye Rolling Base: Rolling caster base for all BigEye floor lamp models.  Add convenience and increased movability.  The low profile Caster base provides unusual stability while also allowing the base of the Lamp to slide under some furniture, out of the way.

BigEye Booster Lens # L465:  Four-inch diameter Booster lens. Three diopters (3D).


BigEye Super Booster Lens # L475: Six diopter (6D) aspheric Super Booster lens produces a same-sized image from edge to edge.    It can be used with the original Master Lens or with another L475 Super Booster, so that a total of 10.74 diopters of magnification is achieved.  Wow! 


Need More Magnification Power?  Here are All Possible Power Combinations:


Regular Master lens = 3 diopters

Super booster as master lens = 6 diopters

Regular Master lens + regular booster = 6.58 diopters

Super booster as master lens + regular booster as booster = 9.16 diopters

Super booster as master + Super booster as booster = 10.74 diopters

BigEye # M14

BigEye # 010

BigEye # 1418

BigEye # 310

BigEye # 518

BigEye # 3518